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Sustainability in Eyeglass Lens Production

Sustainability shapes the way of working and approaches in all the ZEISS segments. For example, ZEISS Vision Care strives to create responsible products and innovations, reduce its ecological footprint and ensure environmentally friendly production processes in the manufacture of eyeglass lenses.

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Particularly for younger people interested in purchasing glasses, sustainable production and consumption, the conservation of natural resources and responsible supply chains are all factors affecting their final decision.
Eyeglass lenses – here, ZEISS Adaptive Sun – can also be green as concerns manufacturing techniques.
Of course the water is treated and cleaned after being used in production. At the same time, ZEISS Vision Care continues to work on further reducing its water consumption needs.
The Aloka Vision Programme focuses on local, sustainable care: ZEISS optometrists support the local organizations and small business owners, including many women, to establish basic care. The profits from the sale of glasses benefit the local partners.


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