Eyes are as individual as the human fingerprint. Therefore, it is important to take this individuality fully into account when manufacturing eyeglass lenses. In doing so, ZEISS relies on many years of experience, the latest scientific findings, mathematics and the changing needs of spectacle wearers. Read on to learn more about different ZEISS lenses.

Press Texts

One portfolio for a whole lifetime

To meet the visual challenges of our day, ZEISS researchers have developed a completely new portfolio designed for wearers of all lens types: ZEISS SmartLife.

Background Article about the Development of ZEISS SmartLife

8 Jul 2020

ZEISS SmartLife - a smart portfolio

Three facts which make the eye care professional's life easier

Press Release about Advantages of ZEISS SmartLife

2 Jun 2020

Why now is the right time for a new single vision lens design

ZEISS SmartLife is extending the eye-lens model by a new dimension

Press Release about Lens Design

6 Apr 2020

ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses win ‘Lens Product of the Year’ award 2016

The Optician Award 2016 ceremony took place in front of an audience of 800 UK optical professionals and industry leaders.

Press Release about the Optician Award 2016

13 Apr 2016

Comfortable Vision in Challenging Driving Conditions

All you need to know about ZEISS DriveSafe lenses

Fact Sheet

1 Apr 2016

ZEISS Makes Car Driving Safer

The new all-day ZEISS DriveSafe eyeglass lenses provide wearers with more safety through better vision in challenging driving conditions

Press Release about Product Launch

1 Oct 2015

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Rain, dusk, mist, fog or night - with ZEISS DriveSafe car drivers get better vision in difficult light conditions
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Less perceived discomfort glare in low light conditions
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Optimized lens design for driving a car and suitable for all-day use
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ZEISS DriveSafe lenses are optimized for the visual challenges when driving a car
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