Fact Sheet

ZEISS Vision Centers

Fundamental idea behind a ZEISS Vision Center

  • ZEISS Vision Centers are based on a holistic approach to providing consumers with 21st century vision care by supporting leading eye care professionals with cutting-edge technology in combination with leading products and a compelling shopping experience.
  • It integrates all relevant aspects of the consumer experience: store design as well as state-of-the-art ZEISS technical solutions, systems, innovative and individualized ZEISS eyeglasses, and a systematic consultation process – the so-called ZEISS Vision Analysis.
  • This "ZEISS Experience" concept supports the day-to-day business of the eye care professional and helps to shift the consumer's focus away from finding suitable frames to focusing on excellent vision.

ZEISS Vision Analysis

  • ZEISS Vision Analysis is a systematically structured consultation process for correctly identifying a consumer's vision needs.
  • Based on the eye care professional’s expertise, together with high-tech equipment for subjective and objective refraction as well as tablet computer based lens consultation and vision test apps, it enables consumers to make the best choice about their glasses.
  • ZEISS Vision Analysis is a transparent process that leads to a well-informed consumer, who understands the importance of all steps of the analysis to achieve better vision. 


  • ZEISS Vision Centers are owned and operated by independent eye care professionals.
  • Storeowners enter into a close and exclusive partnership with ZEISS.


  • The staff at a ZEISS Vision Center is fully qualified and trained with ZEISS equipment and products as well as with the ZEISS Vision Analysis.
  • Ongoing staff training ensures the consistent quality.

Store size

  • The average size of a ZEISS Vision Center in terms of shop floor space is about 120 square meters.

Award winning solutions

  • Parts of the iconic shop design are patented (EP: 003299130 / 003298819; CN: 304163921-S / 304199666-S; US UDS817042 / USD815866 / USD815865)
  • The design of the ZEISS Vision Centers, created by German architect and designer Elmar Gauggel, has won several awards, including two Red Dot Design Awards in 2010 and 2011.
  • The ZEISS instruments “i.Terminal” and “i.Profiler” received Red Dot Design Awards in 2011.
  • The ZEISS iCom mobile app for vision test and lens consultation received the iF Design Award 2015 and Red Dot Award 2015 for design and usability.
  • ZEISS Vision Care’s eLearning suite for the professional training of opticians and optometrists received international recognition as a leading solution, including the Brandon Hall Award for Excellence in eLearning Silver Award 2015, the WorldMediaFestival 2015 Silver Award and the eLearning Award 2015.
  • ZEISS Vision Centers are award-winning and include: 
    • 2013 Retail ME Awards Zeiss / Rivoli EyeZone UAE: “Most Admired Store Design of the Year”
    • 2013 Best Architects Award Winner: Zeiss Vision Center, Berlin 
    • 2012 iF Communication Award Winner: Kästner Optik, Stuttgart
    • 2012 Staircase of the Year Germany: Kästner Optik, Stuttgart
    • 2010 Red Dot Design Award Winner: Maxoptical, Sicily
    • 2010 Red Dot Design Award Winner: Zeiss Keytools


  • To date, there are more than 120 ZEISS Vision Centers worldwide in 20 different countries including the USA, China (Hong Kong), South Africa, Brazil and Germany.
  • ZEISS is continuously expanding the number of ZEISS Vision Centers around the globe.

Status as of March 2018