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ZEISS achieves “LINDBERG certification”

LINDBERG also confirms its partnership with ZEISS in the optical laboratory


MILAN, 14/04/2014.
“Quality is something you do, not something you talk about.” ZEISS and LINDBERG have reconfirmed their partnership based on the very highest quality standards for an excellent end result.

Following a number of staff training sessions and quality controls, LINDBERG has issued the “LINDBERG certification” to the ZEISS optical laboratory in Castiglione Olona. LINDBERG'S skilled personnel worked side-by-side with the ZEISS laboratory technicians, providing all the necessary information in terms of details of individual frames and required manufacturing tools.

“It’s undoubtedly a qualification that makes us proud,” said Roberto Baldan, Operations Director of Carl Zeiss Vision Italia. “Once again we can highlight how important the pursuit of quality and excellence is for ZEISS. The quality standards that we adhere to in our processes are very rigorous and far higher than those imposed by law. LINDBERG also has adopted the same policy and our collaboration was immediately established on the basis of a shared vision.”

He went on to say, “Although a great deal had already been invested over the last 12 to 18 months in terms of facilities and organisation of work processes, in order to obtain certification we purchased new equipment that will allow us to manage and work on the entire LINDBERG range of frames. Of course, all of this will also benefit the more traditional manufacturing that we carry out on a daily basis.”

For years, the pursuit of value creation within the Optic Centre has been one of the crucial points that ZEISS also emphasises in its training courses, as it is seen to be the only means of differentiating itself from the competition and standing out. To create value for the end user means, primarily, to be able to dedicate time at the consultancy and analysis stage in order to share with our clients the task of choosing the best visual solution, and then satisfy their expectations by offering the best product, in terms of both technical performance and aesthetic quality. At both stages, ZEISS confirms its presence next to the Dispensing Optician.
“Our clients can depend on skilled personnel to whom they can leave all the day-to-day laboratory work,” Baldan says, “so that they can dedicate their valuable time to consultancy in the safe knowledge that they will be able to deliver a quality finished product guaranteed to satisfy the expectations of every customer, making them even more loyal.”

LINDBERG has chosen ZEISS for more than four years as its sole supplier providing quality lenses for all its sunglasses.


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