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Web Campaign for ZEISS Digital Lenses to Drive Traffic into the Optical Store

In Italy consumers are invited to explore the new eyeglass lens categroy – on Facebook and at their optical store.


Milan, 03/09/2014
The beginning of October sees the launch of a new communication campaign from ZEISS, once again promoting ZEISS Digital Lenses. Which are created to answer the needs of the target: people in their 30s and 40s experiencing the first symptoms of eye strain caused by frequent and prolonged use of digital devices.

The campaign will air until mid-November and the web will be the main medium. This is a natural choice, given the success achieved last winter with the communication campaign carried out in collaboration with the MediaMarket group and the choice of the same featured product aimed at a target that is very familiar with the use of digital content.

Using Facebook and the sites present in Google Content Network, promotional messages about ZEISS Digital Lenses will be presented to the general public with an invitation to download a voucher entitling the reader to receive a useful free gift and test out the visual comfort that the product can offer. The Italian Facebook page ZEISS Migliore Visione will also play a leading role. With more and more followers, and experiencing continuous growth in terms of fan base and, even more significantly, shares, this page represents an important gateway to the campaign thanks to the dedicated tab it will have. All the banners and promotional posts will be connected to a dedicated minisite where users will be able to register to receive the voucher with an invitation to try the product, learn more about it and discover which Optical Centres are taking part in the campaign.

Only those Optical Centres that joined the initiative in the months of May, June and July will take part in the campaign, in fact. These will be pinpointed on Google Maps, to enable users to easily identify their nearest sales point. Thanks to their prior adherence, and to the enormous opportunities offered by the web, the communication campaign will be geolocated to give the benefit of maximum visibility to the Centres taking part, thus avoiding the dispersal of resources in lower-interest areas. The same target will also be taken into account, as the campaign will be primarily aimed at 30–40-year-olds.

ZEISS' campaign has not forgotten the important role of the optometrist, either. In a market in which advisory and assistance services still play a very important part, ZEISS is ensuring the availability of all the material useful to the sales proposition. All the opticians taking part will receive window display material to create visibility, together with a new test instrument, the ZEISS VisuDemo, which allows people to try out ZEISS Digital Lenses whether they already wear glasses or have never worn them.

The ZEISS VisuDemo has been designed by ZEISS' own researchers and exclusively developed to allow the product to be tried out with ease. The kit comes with several pairs of ZEISS Digital Lenses with different accommodation support values and plano distance. The optometrist will therefore be able not only to talk about the product but also directly demonstrate the advantages of using it simply and immediately.

In addition, ZEISS staff will, as ever, be available to develop customised actions to strengthen the message in the local area, using the means best suited to achieving the objective.
"We believe that the synergy with Optical Centres is fundamental to achieving the best result. We believe in investing in communication to inject fresh life and create traffic in the point of sale. The web medium offers numerous advantages and considerable resource optimisation. This will help us spread the message and support our objectives and those of our partners. In-store tools and product training will complete the campaign."

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