ZEISS Vision Care: Videos

This is where you can find the latest videos about our products and topics.

ZEISS Night in New York: A Celebration of Vision at the Hayden Planetarium

On April 14, 2016, ZEISS hosted the premiere of the documentary SEEING, a film specially made for screening on a planetarium dome. The film, narrated by Neil DeGrasse Tyson, follows the path light takes from the farthest reaches of the galaxy to your eye. On hand for the premiere were ZEISS partner companies Nike, TOMS, and ExoLens.

Precision spectacle Lenses by ZEISS

Every spectacle lens from ZEISS is made with precision, and each lens stands for quality and trust. With our innovative tools and instruments we can make lenses taking into account personal parameters of your eyes. That is why we can make lenses that are as individual as your eyes.

Put to the Test – ZEISS DriveSafe and Thierry Neuville

Racing in the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) demands the utmost in performance from both the drivers and the materials used. Because he knows that good visibility is an absolute must when driving at high speed in poor conditions, Hyundai lead driver Thierry Neuville puts his trust in the maximum precision offered by ZEISS lenses.

No compromises! ZEISS DriveSafe

Whether for machine or lens, Harley riders demand the utmost quality and safety because good vision is as important for motorcyclists as their helmet. We have had our new ZEISS DriveSafe lenses tested by a group of motorcyclists on a test run.

ZEISS Year of Innovation

As the Spring Equinox settled over London on 29th March 2015, the UK’s ZEISS Vision Care business group held its ‘ZEISS Year of Innovation 2015’ customer engagement event under the shadow of the Palace of Westminster & Big Ben. The ZEISS Year of Innovation 2015 event was an opportunity for the UK’s Vision Care business group to win new independent customers, and increase its share of wallet with existing businesses, through a series of ZEISS initiatives specifically created for the delegates.

Additional Vision Care videos can be found on the ZEISS Vision Care YouTube channel.