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Development of eyeglass lenses since 2000

Freeform makes it all more flexible, more customized and more fashionable

Joachim Kuss, Director of Group Communications, Carl Zeiss Vision International GmbH
February 2015

The past years have seen a significant change not only in refraction techniques, production methods and optical designs, but also in the lens performance demanded by eyeglass wearers. Today, the flexibility, individuality and adaptability of eyeglass lenses are greater than ever before. Technology and personal needs, visual comfort and preferences, fashion trends and digitization are all driving product development.

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The World Is Just a Few Centimeters Away

The challenges facing our eyes are changing radically – opening up new opportunities for eye care professionals in the digital world

Manuela Weinreich, Product Manager, Carl Zeiss Vision International GmbH; Peter Kastner, Product and Marketing Manager, Carl Zeiss Vision GmbH

The past few years have seen a major increase in the time we spend using digital devices in our everyday lives. In the near future we may well be using these devices practically without interruption. For many people, the day starts online with their smartphone. During the day, the PC dominates the everyday working world, while smartphones and/or tablets are used during breaks and in the evenings.

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