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ZEISS Modernizes Eyeglass Lens Production in Aalen

More than 10 million euros are being invested in the Aalen plant of the Vision Care business group: in modern workplaces, efficient production and energy efficiency.


AALEN, 07/04/2014
The ZEISS Vision Care business group will invest more than 10 million euros in modernizing and increasing the energy efficiency of the Aalen site in 2014-15.

"With this extensive investment program we are making lens production, research & development and customer service in Germany fit for the future," said Dr. Raymund Heinen, Head of the business group. "Part of the program will also be focused on clearly increasing the energy efficiency of the plant." The site has been certified for exemplary energy management since January. From 2015, a new combined heat and power plant will substantially enhance the efficiency of electricity and heat generation.

Digitization enables new dimension of better vision
"Production in Aalen has been completely converted to digitally controlled technologies," says Karl-Heinz Raffin,Managing Director of Carl Zeiss Vision GmbH. "The marketing and customer service areas also use digital platforms for targeted and interactive customer support. The digitization of our modern world is also evident throughout the entire Aalen site."

One of the most successful innovations of the past few decades is ZEISS Digital Lenses which have been launched all over the world since 2013. Developed and produced in Aalen, they define a new lens category for a special target group. 30- to 45-year-olds who make intensive use of such devices as laptops, smartphones or iPads subject their eyes to a high level of visual stress which is primarily caused by the frequent switch between looking at a screen and intermediate or long distances. At this age our eyes are no longer able to compensate for these frequent switches without difficulty. The result? Dry eyes, neck strain, fatigue or even headache.

"ZEISS Digital Lenses have been developed precisely for this target group of people who are still too young for progressive lenses. These lenses combine the benefits of a single vision lens with a special near zone that is precisely and individually tailored to the typical distance of use for a smartphone," Raffin continues.

Modern workplaces and attractive work environment
"Innovative products are important for the future of the site that is specialized in leading-edge, individualized lenses," says Raffin. "The modernization of the production and office facilities will make the site more competitive in the future. At the same time, ZEISS is also creating attractive surroundings for our employees in Aalen."


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