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ZEISS India supports “Vision for a Cause”

Together with Round Table India and Optometry Council of India the Aloka Vision Programme of ZEISS brings vision care to underprivileged school children in Tamil Nadu


"Vision for a Cause" is a project established by Round Table India in partnership with ZEISS India and Optometry Council of India (OCI) for conducting vision screening and providing quality vision care to underprivileged school children in the South Indian state Tamil Nadu. The project involves awareness raising, screening and dispensing of spectacles at schools in the districts Hosur, Dharmapuri and Thiruvanamalai.

Round Table India will identify a number of schools which have been constructed by them in the past or are part of their current network, wherein under-privileged school children don't have the opportunities or means for better vision care. Well-qualified optometrists from the Optometry Council of India (OCI) will visit these identified schools, provide the students with eye exams and identify and prescribe spectacles to them and refer with follow up for any eye ailments. ZEISS India will collect all data from OCI about refractive error, frames and measurements of all the students treated and provide free spectacles to these students. ZEISS India would be providing up to 1,50,000 free spectacles to the under-privileged children under this project – with support of ZEISS’ Aloka Vision Programme and Miracle of Sight, a non-profit organization established by ZEISS employees in order to fund vision care services for underprivileged children.

Commenting on the occasion, Tr. Priyesh Shah said “Vision for a Cause is our pilot project for vision screening of underprivileged students across few districts. We are committed to this project and will ensure going forward to take this project across the country for all the needy students who deserve better vision care". Round Table India is committed to serve the society, starting from small projects directed towards community service to larger projects focused on community development. Round Table India is also focused on providing basic infrastructure for primary education in rural India, through their long term National Project “Freedom through Education” reaching out to educate underprivileged children.

The "Vision for a cause" Project was inaugurated on 21 February 2018 in the attendance of Round Table India President Christopher Aravinth, Round Table Area Chairman Priyesh Shah, Optometry Council of India CEO Dr. Lakshmi Shinde and Dr. Premjeeth Moodbidri, Aloka Vision Programme Manager at ZEISS and Nitin Sisodia, CEO of Sohum Innovation Lab.

About Round Table India

Round Table India is an organization of non-political and non-sectarian conduct welcoming young men, aged between 18 and 40. It aims to promote service, fellowship and goodwill in National and International affairs. Round Table India provides a range of social and community service related opportunities through the Fellowship of its members. The Tablers of RTI form friendship, shape lives and make substantial difference in the lives of people, beyond the organization itself.

The Tablers believe that true freedom for an individual comes only through education. Over the last few years, Round Tables in India have really put in a lot of effort to provide infrastructure in schools. By now, RTI has been successful in building over 4000+ class rooms at a cost of over Rs. 120 crores (ca 15 Mio EUR) benefiting over one million children. To support all the service oriented activities of RTI, Tablers organize their own fundraising events. The involvement, efforts and financial support that the Tablers have been extending, continue to be the primary source of fundraising for the RTI. Year after year, sustained efforts are put in to support the Table’s community service programs through fundraising in various ways. In Bangalore Round Table India has been regularly conducting two flagship events Pride of Karnataka and Titans of Media. For more information on Round Table India please visit our website

About Optometry Council of India

Mindful of the need to certify and regulate the competence and standards of optometrists and of optometry schools and colleges, the Indian Optometry Federation (IOF) and the Association of Schools and Colleges of India (ASCO) have together established the peer-regulated, private Optometry Council of India in September 2012. The Optometry Council of India (OCI) is responsible of establishing and maintaining high standards of optometry education and recognition of optometry qualifications in India.

About Aloka Vision Programme

The need for affordable yet good quality spectacles in rural and unserved regions of India is massive. In a country whose population lives predominantly in rural regions, accessibility and affordability of health care products and services, such as eye care, remains an issue. The “Aloka Vision Programme”, in 2015 initiated by ZEISS, aims to change the landscape of vision care in such areas through entrepreneurial network, technology, innovation, quality spectacles and raising awareness for the benefits of clear vision.

Local entrepreneurs are be trained in basic eye care, screening of people and dispensing of spectacles as well as in entrepreneurial skills. This opportunity helps locals to earn a livelihood or add this business onto their existing livelihood. Using technology, the Aloka entrepreneurs are be connected to an optometrist, which ensures high quality screening and service to the rural customer. In ten states of India more than 40 NGOs and local entrepreneurs work with the Aloka Vision Programme, providing every month thousands of Indians with eye exam and spectacles.

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