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ZEISS Expands Color Palette of Self-Tinting Lenses

New color spectrum of fast-reacting, self-tinting lenses with high-performance ZEISS PhotoFusion technology


ZEISS is expanding its portfolio of self-tinting lenses with ZEISS PhotoFusion technology by adding the colors Pioneer (grey-green), Blue and Extra Grey. The new colors will be rolled out worldwide, step by step, and are already available in Canada and USA. Photochromic lenses have been in the ZEISS product portfolio since 1970 and since then constantly developed.

From very clear to very dark

A pair of glasses that needs to deliver top performance indoors and in bright sunlight should feature ZEISS PhotoFusion technology. These self-tinting lenses are very clear indoors and, exposed to UV radiation, they will darken in 15 to 30 seconds to a comfortable level of darkness; flexibly protecting against glare, they adapt to the level of UV and can get as dark as sunglasses if the radiation is sufficient.

With small differences by color and lens material available, absorption of ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses ranges from minimum 7% in the clear state to up to 92% in darkened state. Their special feature? The speed with which they clear up. ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses will turn clear again in just five to ten minutes, which is up to two times faster than other photochromic ZEISS lenses. This all makes switching glasses a thing of the past – no matter if indoor or outdoor.

UV protection and style at all times

Whether they’re clear or dark, ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses provide full UV protection. Additionally, ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses already filter at least 20% of potentially harmful blue light indoors and close to 90% in darkened state. However, since consumers want to protect their eyes and be fashionable at the same time, ZEISS has added three colors to the ZEISS PhotoFusion portfolio.

The lenses are now available in Pioneer (the classic grey-green sunglass tint), Blue and Extra Grey, as well as in the standard Grey and Brown, which were already previously available. The new Extra Grey option is not just a new, extra dark color but also features a new technology that is less temperature dependent. ZEISS PhotoFusion Extra Grey lenses are therefore especially suitable for warm climates. Not only in the summer, ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses are a great way of correcting vision, making a fashion statement, avoiding the hassle of switching glasses and shielding the eyes against glare and UV radiation.

PhotoFusion is a registered trademark of Carl Zeiss Vision GmbH.
ZEISS PhotoFusion Extra Grey won’t be available in all markets.

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