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ZEISS exhibits at Milan's Fuorisalone event with its “Better Vision”

From 8 to 13 April, sight, the most important sense, features in the Cappellari Space in Milan in the exhibition “The 5 senses”, in which ZEISS demonstrates the importance of choosing the correct lenses.


MILAN, 04/04/2014.
Looking after your eyes is so obviously important, yet often neglected. People too often take it for granted that their eyes can adapt to any situation and lighting condition: sometimes they convince themselves that they can see well until the problem becomes glaringly obvious or until somebody helps them to understand that they could actually see better.

ZEISS, a leading company in the optic and optoelectronic sector, is renewing its support this year for the initiative promoted by GrandesignEtico at the Fuorisalone with “The 5 senses” exhibition. From 8 to 13 April, at the Cappellari Space, on via Cappellari 3 – a stone's throw from the Cathedral – ZEISS lenses, which are distinguished by their high quality, the advanced technology used in the manufacturing processes and the breadth of the range, will represent one of the 5 senses, Sight, during Personalissimo Etico – Three Locations, One Event, organised by the Associazione Culturale Plana. The ethical contents of the projects and products presented in the exhibition represent a shared awareness of contemporary society's demands. This is an awareness that ZEISS demonstrates daily through the attention it gives to visual wellbeing and one that it feels duty bound to transmit to the general public.

For years now the Fuorisalone event has been an unmissable event for many visitors. Milan fills up with millions of people, coming from all over Italy and the world, in search of new ideas and new inspirations, and ZEISS could not fail to be there, inspiring in turn new ways of seeing everything around us with its precision lenses and endorsing the offer of the Dispensing Opticians who have chosen ZEISS as a partner.

Eyesight represents 90% of our sensory experience. This is why choosing the correct lens is essential for the glasses wearer’s quality of life. For more than 100 years, this awareness has pushed Carl Zeiss to offer cutting-edge products as lenses for both glasses and sunglasses. They are the lenses of choice of the most prestigious eyewear brands and are better and better adapted to individual requirements like a bespoke suit. From lenses specifically for daily use to sports lenses or fashionable coloured lenses that allow you to always be up-to-date with the latest trends, you can always find the correct lens to obtain a BETTER VISION, safe in the knowledge that you can rely on precision lenses that testify to all the value and optical tradition of the ZEISS brand with a small initial engraved on every lens.

A huge lens accompanied by information panels will be placed in the Cappellari Space, one of the three prestigious locations that will host the Personalissimo Etico event. Inside the location, which is spread over two floors and four display cases, ZEISS lenses will be on display to the general public, presenting the countless possible choices available to obtain visual wellbeing with high-performance lenses even when the eyes are placed under intense visual stress by PCs, Smartphones and tablets, or when sunlight, glare and reflections can compromise visual abilities.

A widespread communication activity throughout the city of Milan will present the initiative in the main stopping and visiting places, such as metro stops, the trade show spaces of the Salone del Mobile in Fiera Rho and through hostesses who will distribute postcards around the city centre, to attract attention and invite as many members of the public as possible to visit the exhibition.
ZEISS has always been attentive to the requirements and visual wellbeing of people with sight problems, and bases its success on four pillars: Excellence, promoted with great expertise, from planning to final testing; Precision, ever-present in all the innovations introduced throughout the company’s history; Excellent optical technology, products and services that are based on cutting-edge technologies and quality controls, well beyond the standards imposed; Research and innovation for the development of innovative and increasingly high-performance products, with the objective of offering a better visual quality.


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