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ZEISS Color Program Heralds the Approach of Spring

Personalized tints in trendy colors are added to the ZEISS Color Portfolio 2014


AALEN, 03/03/2014.
Sunglasses can be colorful, too. Even if gray and brown still tend to be the dominant colors, trendy tints in bright summer shades have long made their way into the sunglass market. In 2014, ZEISS once again features colorful, fashionable tints.

The ZEISS program offers a premium selection of colors to meet every taste: black, brown, gray, gray-green, blue and rosé for single color lenses; black, brown, gray, gray-green, blue and gray-blue for graduated tints; and pistachio, cinnamon, stone and jeans for the bicolor lenses. These are rounded off by cool, eye-catching colors depending on the current fashion trend and season. After the modern and cool Black Tint in 2013, this year's spring and summer seasons are characterized by warm curry and rosé tones that are now all the rage in both single color and bicolor versions.

Color is not just fashion

However, colored lenses do not only look good, but they also protect our eyes against harmful radiation. With a tint intensity of up to 95%, brown, gray and green lenses offer the highest glare protection and cause the least possible distortion of surrounding colors. For all other colors, e.g. blue, red and yellow, the eyes need time to adapt and to – at least partially – neutralize the colors. Through a high proportion of yellow, special brown tints provide additional protection against blue light and enhance contrast at the same time. With up to 50% light absorption, yellow and orange lenses offer little glare protection, but they do have a contrast-enhancing effect. Therefore, they optimize vision for outdoor sports performed against single-color backgrounds, e.g. the snow when skiing or the green of a golf course. Sunglasses become real eye-catchers if they feature graduated tints, where the top of the lenses displays a darker tint than the bottom, or a colored mirror coating.

The matching color for any outfit

Looking for something that really accentuates your personality? Individual colors can be produced in line with your ideas or color samples at any time. Practically any color is now possible with the new, modernized color offering that is sharply focused on current trends and styles. ZEISS has also optimized the variety of materials for prescription lenses. With the new extended and global standard color range, almost every customer request and requirement can be fulfilled. The tints are possible on prescription lenses – from single vision to progressive lenses – and on lenses with no optical power.


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