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ZEISS App "My Vision Profile" Receives Red Dot Award

ZEISS honored for the communication design of its innovative online app.


ZEISS, together with the design agency Neue Gestaltung, received the Red Dot Award for the ZEISS app "My Vision Profile" on 27 October. The 24 experts on the jury awarded the app first prize in the Communication Design category. My Vision Profile by ZEISS is a responsive online tool for analyzing personal visual habits and providing recommendations for eyeglass lenses.

"ZEISS had already won Red Dot Awards for systems, shops and apps in the past. We are particularly pleased that once again a digital app received this special distinction," says Rolf Herrmann, Vice President Global Marketing at ZEISS Vision Care. "Digital innovations like this app show that we are helping to shape the future of eye care. We are reaching out directly to consumers. For the first time they have the possibility to gain information on a very simple way about which eyeglass lenses will suit them best before going to an eye care professional (ECP). The abstract and diverse product 'eyeglass lenses' becomes understandable."

My Vision Profile by ZEISS features a simple, straightforward design with color-coded categories. The design helps the user intuitively complete a survey on their visual acuity and personal lifestyle. Clearly formulated questions are answered different ways via an interactive approach. "The design makes a key contribution to transfer a person's subjective feelings into objective data," says Rolf Herrmann. "This is how the program creates a detailed, personal vision profile and evaluates which eyeglass lens solution from ZEISS might be right for the user."The app is linked directly to an ECP search and simplifies the next step for the user: the personal consultation. An ECP can scan the result as a QR code, access it for a one-on-one consultation and further process it. So he starts on a high information level. This saves the ECP time and allows them to focus on the consultation process and the eye examination.

A partner for the ECP

"ZEISS not only develops innovations for consumers, but also as a partner for the ECP. Thanks to the ZEISS app My Vision Profile, the ECP has detailed, individualized data that they use as part of the consultation. Now, the consumer already knows, that there is more than a single solution for good vision and that there are different possible specifications. Moreover, the ECP can also use the data from this online tool in our ZEISS VISUCONSULT app. The tool is fully integrated in the ZEISS platforms for ECPs," says Rolf Herrmann.

Every ECP can furthermore create their own, individualized version of the app and add this to their website, for example. This way My Vision Profile by ZEISS becomes a part of the ECP's digital landscape and can be used on-site during the consultation.

New user experience

"My Vision Profile by ZEISS marks the very beginning of our customer experience. Anyone who wants or needs a pair of glasses can easily use this tool to analyze their own personal visual habits, whether at home or on the road. The user is not just put into a particular category. Instead, they receive a customized profile. After all, our eyes are as unique as our fingerprints. After completing the survey, the user sees directly which lenses from our large selection might be right for them. It was not possible in this way until now. It enables the consumer to inform himself deeply about this investment 'eyeglass lenses'. This is really helpful for the consultation and quickly selecting the right solution at the ECP's," says Rolf Herrmann.

Just like our day-to-day lives, our visual habits have also changed. On average, we spend several hours every day looking at screens, smartphones, etc. We need to be more mobile, and as a consequence many people commute and travel by car. The driver's gaze switches between the street and the GPS. These are all new challenges for our eyes that are captured with My Vision Profile by ZEISS.



  • Intuitive
  • Quick to complete (approx. 5 minutes)
  • Question categories: Work & Daily Life, Digital Life, General Questions and Mobility
  • Result 1: individualized vision profile
  • Result 2: eyeglass lens recommendation
  • Result 3: QR code or info-package for ECPs that can then be used in VISUCONSULT
  • A search interface supports the consumer in finding the next nearby ECP


VISUCONSULT, i.Com mobile, i.Terminal and i.Profiler are registered trademarkes of the Carl Zeiss Vision GmbH.

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