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Order Eyeglass Lenses the Simple Way – with ZEISS

In 2017 ZEISS is launching the VISUSTORE ordering system, ensuring a simpler, faster and more intelligent eyeglass ordering process.


With the new ZEISS VISUSTORE digital system, ordering individualized brand or stock eyeglass lenses from ZEISS has never been this simple or fast. The system will be made available to all eye care professionals throughout 2017.

Fast: order stock lenses in just 30 seconds

ECPs will be able to order eyeglass lenses quickly and easily: using the refraction and centration data, all it takes is one click with a tablet or PC to place an order for individualized eyeglass lenses. The right eyeglass lenses from the ZEISS and synchrony portfolios are selected with an intuitive configuration tool. Lenses which are ordered frequently can be pre-selected as favorites. The new online ordering system can be integrated seamlessly into every sales process.

Simple: see the order history at a glance, making repeat orders a breeze

The new order overview allows ECPs to completely monitor past and current orders in a searchable, filterable form. Once they are placed, it is easy to follow the production and delivery status for all orders. Data from earlier orders are just one click away, saving the ECP a lot of time when they want to reorder the same or similar lenses. And should an order be delayed, the ECP is informed immediately on the homepage and can act accordingly.

Intelligent: bring the lenses to life before placing the order

As with tablet-based refraction and lens consultation applications from ZEISS, ZEISS VISUSTORE enables the ECP to involve their customers directly in the sales and consultation process. One example: it is easy for patients to understand the effects of high-index materials on the lens thickness by using the lens thickness calculation. The 3D display makes the lenses so realistic that patients feel they can almost touch them before purchase, helping both ECPs and patients make the right choice together.

ZEISS is convinced that well-informed patients who are involved by their ECP in every step – from selecting the lenses to ordering them – opt for individually fitted, high-quality lenses.

All the new features at a glance:

  • Easy and intuitive user guidance
  • Quick capture of all necessary order data
  • Continuous workflow with ZEISS i.Com and ZEISS i.Com mobile for refraction and centration
  • Interface to administration software
  • Tracer connection for remote edging orders
  • Precise thickness calculation on the basis of eyeglass lens shape data and centration

System requirements:

  • Hardware: desktop computer, notebook or tablet
  • Suitable for all operating systems, e.g. Windows, MAC OS, iOS, Android
  • A permanent internet connection and an internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox) are required


VISUSTORE is a registered trademark of Carl Zeiss Vision GmbH.

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