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100th ZEISS Vision Center now open

Right in the heart of São Paulo on the neighborhood of Jardins, Gustavo Jarred and Fernando Nose are opening the now 100th ZEISS Vision Center worldwide


ZEISS Vision Center Jardins in São Paulo brings first class vision care to consumers in Brazil by combining leading ophthalmological service with a unique shopping experience. Right in the heart of São Paulo on the neighborhood of Jardins on May 24, 2016 Gustavo Jarred and Fernando Nose are opening the now 100th ZEISS Vision Center worldwide. "I am very excited about our new partnership with ZEISS, world-leading brand for eyeglass lenses and optics”, said Gustavo. “Together we will bring 21st century vision care to consumers who know that true luxury lies the combination of fashionable frames with individually optimized eyeglass lenses. It is about providing demanding consumers with better vision instead of just a new pair of glasses.” The new center with 140 square meters and its appealing, fully ZEISS branded store design is located in the Rua Bela Cintra in the district of Jardins.

ZEISS Vision Center Jardins in São Paulo

ZEISS Vision Center Jardins in São Paulo

The concept behind a ZEISS Vision Center is to create a whole new shopping experience for consumers, from frame selection and precise vision measurement to careful lens consultation, finally getting the customers a pair of spectacles that really fits their needs. With more than 100 years of pioneering eyeglass lens technology, cutting-edge refraction, lens dispensing technology and – last but not least – a comprehensive portfolio of customizable eyeglass lenses, ZEISS Vision Care brings all to the optical store which is needed to provide everyone with the best vision experience.

But it takes much more than technology and eyeglass lenses to fulfill the promise of 21st century vision care. “Only well trained eyecare professionals who have broad expertise in the analysis of consumers' visual and lifestyle needs, in depth understanding of optics and ZEISS lens solutions as well as have all professional capabilities to guide the consumer through the process of vision analysis and lens choice can be ZEISS partners”, said ZEISS Experience Director Zander Hattingh. “Eventually consumers seek eyecare professionals taking care holistically for their vision needs and able to make purchasing a new pair of glasses a satisfying and inspiring experience.”

Fernando Nose: “To be admitted into an industry-leading global program is proof of our commitment to meet the high standards of state-of-the-art vision care.” As the 100th partner ZEISS Vision Center Jardins joins the rank of ZEISS partners in 18 countries on all continents. ZEISS Vision Centers exist in cities worldwide, among them Hong Kong, Macao, Dubai, Phoenix, Johannesburg and Berlin. All partners and their teams are trained in the so-called ZEISS Vision Analysis, a systematically structured method to identify customers' true vision needs, taking into account their preferences and thus providing them with an educated choice on how to best meet these needs. “Modern precision lenses do much more than correcting visual impairments”, said Hattingh. “With restoring natural vision and addressing visual challenges of modern life style, they can make life better, safer, more relaxed. Think of ZEISS DriveSafe, an all-day lens optimized for car drivers, or ZEISS Digital Lenses, easing digital eyestrain caused by extensive use of smartphones and tablets.”

The ZEISS Vision Analysis is based on high-end equipment for analysis and fitting. It leverages today's possibilities of digitization, including virtual reality previews of different lens designs, while at the same time ensuring a consistently high quality level of the consultation which corresponds to the quality of the ZEISS eyeglass lens products.

ZEISS Vision Centers also play a major role in developing future vision care and meeting increasing consumer demands with developing better vision solutions by sharing ideas and insights with technology and product experts at ZEISS. “We look forward to serving our customers always with newest and best vision care solutions available“, said Gustavo Jarred.

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