ZEISS VISUSTORE – simpler, faster and more intelligent eyeglass ordering

The ZEISS VISUSTORE ordering system was designed for a simpler, faster and more intelligent eyeglass ordering process. The easy and intuitive user guidance ensures a quick capture of all necessary order data, enabling the placement of an order with just a few clicks.



Press release

Order Eyeglass Lenses the Simple Way – with ZEISS

In 2017 ZEISS is launching the VISUSTORE ordering system, ensuring a simpler, faster and more intelligent eyeglass ordering process.

With the new ZEISS VISUSTORE digital system, ordering individualized brand or stock eyeglass lenses from ZEISS has never been this simple or fast. The system will be made available to all eye care professionals throughout 2017.


AALEN/Germany, 30/March/2017
Fast: order stock lenses in just 30 seconds

ECPs will be able to order eyeglass lenses quickly and easily: using the refraction and centration data, all it takes is one click with a tablet or PC to place an order for individualized eyeglass lenses. The right eyeglass lenses from the ZEISS and synchrony portfolios are selected with an intuitive configuration tool. Lenses which are ordered frequently can be pre-selected as favorites. The new online ordering system can be integrated seamlessly into every sales process.

ZEISS VISUSTORE in screen shots

Start Screen

An easy-to-use start screen with many possibilities: begin the lens ordering process immediately, quickly access the most important functions and see current and completed orders at a glance.

Customer Data and Lens Selection

Entering order data and refraction values is easy: VISUSTORE suggests useful value ranges, a plausibility check provides a warning if there is missing or contradictory information, and customizable filters simplify and speed up the lens selection process.

Definition of Shape and Bevel

Standard shapes or imported values from the tracer: use intuitive icons to access functions for changing the shape, bevel or progression zone as well as for a straightforward lens thickness comparison in 2D and 3D.

Interactive 3D view

3D display can be rotated freely to clearly demonstrate the effects of different lens types on the subsequent shape of the lens.

Cut View

Detailed comparison: from the minimum to the maximum value, the cut view shows the exact differences in thickness between different lens types.

Shape Modification

No detours: you can change the shape at any time.

Adjustment of Progression Zone

Stipulate the progression zone: changing the progressive corridor is easy with instant modification to the visual display by entering the FrameFit value or, coming soon for tablets, with the tip of your finger.

Order Review

User-friendly overview: order immediately or save the order in the shopping cart and submit it later.