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The concept behind a ZEISS Vision Center is to create a whole new shopping experience for consumers, from frame selection and precise vision measurement to careful lens consultation, finally getting the customers a pair of spectacles that really fits their needs. With more than 100 years of pioneering eyeglass lens technology, cutting-edge refraction, lens dispensing technology and – last but not least – a comprehensive portfolio of customizable eyeglass lenses, ZEISS Vision Care brings all to the optical store which is needed to provide everyone with the best vision experience.



Press release

100th ZEISS Vision Center now open
Right in the heart of…

Aalen, 24/05/2016
ZEISS Vision Center Jardins in São Paulo brings first class vision care to consumers in Brazil by combining leading ophthalmological service with a unique shopping experience. Right in the heart of São Paulo on the neighborhood of Jardins on May 24, 2016 Gustavo Jarred and Fernando Nose are opening the now 100th ZEISS Vision Center worldwide. "I am very excited about our new partnership with ZEISS, world-leading brand for eyeglass lenses and optics”, said Gustavo. “Together we will bring 21st century vision care to consumers who know that true luxury lies the combination of fashionable frames with individually optimized eyeglass lenses. It is about providing demanding consumers with better vision instead of just a new pair of glasses.” The new center with 140 square meters and its appealing, fully ZEISS branded store design is located in the Rua Bela Cintra in the district of Jardins.


Background article

When Patients Become Customers

The dual nature of the eyeglass wearer

One of the most surprising properties of light is its dual nature: light possesses the properties of classic waves as well as classic particles. The lesson on the wave-particle duality of light in physics class might have been a watershed moment for generations of students: it was at this point that they decided to not delve any deeper into the phenomena of wave and quantum physics. But we do not need to dwell on the field of physics to observe another instance of this dual nature. Instead, we need only to look at our own "physical" (and emotional) behavior when purchasing a pair of glasses.

Selected ZEISS Vision Centers worldwide

Berlin, Germany – Brille 54

  • Opened in 2011
  • World's first ZEISS Vision Center
  • Winner of the "2013 Best Architects" and "2011 Red Dot Communication Design" awards

Johannesburg, South Africa – Mellins i-Style

  • Opened in 2016
  • Located in the "Mall of Africa", Africa's largest shopping mall
  • Mellins is running 18 ZEISS Vision Centers in South Africa including the first one on the African continent (also in Johannesburg)

Phoenix (AZ), USA – Family Eye Care of Glendale

  • Opened in 2011
  • The first ZEISS Vision Center in the USA
  • With 530 square meters one of the world's largest ZEISS Vision Centers

Modica (RG), Italy – Ottica Gaetano Spoto

  • Opened in 2014
  • The biggest ZEISS Vision Center in Italy
  • Leveraging the spirit of the ZEISS Vision Center approach with over 80 years of family business tradition and experience

São Paulo, Brazil – ZEISS Vision Center Sao Paulo

  • Opened in 2016
  • World's 100th ZEISS Vision Center; 5th in South America
  • The first ZEISS Vision Center with updated design

Jakarta, Indonesia – Optik Tunggal

  • Opened in 2015
  • First ZEISS Vision Center in Indonesia
  • Optik Tunggal is planning to open 15 more ZEISS Vision Centers until 2020

Bengaluru, India – Eyesense Opticians

  • Opened in 2014
  • India's first ZEISS Vision Center
  • To date, three more ZEISS Vision Centers have opened in India

Chemnitz, Germany – Optiker Meise GmbH 

  • Opened in 2011
  • One of the first ZEISS Vision Centers located outside a metropolitan area
  • Demonstrating a tremendous success of the ZEISS Vision Center business solution also in smaller markets

Lunel, France – Mr Francois Bonnacorso

  • Opening in October 2016
  • First ZEISS Vision Center in France
  • First optical store in France equipped with the full range of ZEISS dispensing tools and instruments

Press images

ZEISS Vision Center Phoenix (AZ), USA

ZEISS Vision Center Phoenix (AZ), USA

ZEISS Vision Center Modica (RG), Italy

ZEISS Vision Center Modica (RG), Italy

ZEISS Vision Center São Paulo (Jardins), Brazil

ZEISS Vision Center São Paulo (Jardins), Brazil

ZEISS Vision Center Rasht, Iran

ZEISS Vision Center Rasht, Iran

ZEISS Vision Center Berlin, Germany

ZEISS Vision Center Berlin, Germany