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The right coating to meet every need

ZEISS Expands its Lens Coating Portfolio

The right coating to meet every need
With ZEISS DuraVision the lens manufacturer is now completing its coating portfolio, supplementing the top-of-the-line ZEISS DuraVision Platinum and the ZEISS LotuTec basic coating. "ZEISS DuraVision Silver is the bridge to the premium coating and is therefore an excellent alternative for price-conscious customers who still want increased protection for their lenses," says Volker Gahr, Product Manager for coatings at ZEISS.

The ZEISS DuraVision Premium coatings offer not only antistatic and easy-clean properties, but also clear vision without reflections. Unlike many other coatings, the residual reflection of ZEISS Premium coatings is not green, but light blue in color. This reduces distracting reflections on the front and back of the lens, therefore ensuring clearer, better vision.


Press release

ZEISS DuraVison Silver Bridges the Gap between Basic and Premium Lens Coatings

Aalen, 16/03/2015
In their role as everyday commodities, eyeglass lenses are subjected to many different situations. The result: fingerprints, dust or the scratches caused by incorrect storage of the eyeglasses outside a proper case or by fast cleaning of the lenses with the sleeve of a short or blouse. To overcome these daily challenges, lenses need one thing above anything else – the right coating.

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Outstanding anti-reflective properties with DuraVision Premium coatings

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Did you know … … that ZEISS lenses give you not only clearer vision, but also better looks?



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