ZEISS EnergizeMe for contact lens wearers

ZEISS EnergizeMe for contact lens wearers

ZEISS EnergizeMe eyeglass lenses are the first lenses that are specially adapted to the needs of contact lens wearers in the digital world: they are designed to reduce digital eye strain and refresh the wearer's eyes after removing their contact lenses.



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ZEISS EnergizeMe Eyeglass Lenses for Contact Lens Wearers
Contact lens wearers switch to glasses more frequently than is generally assumed. Today they need glasses optimized for their visual needs and the digital life.

AALEN/Germany, 10/February/2017
With ZEISS EnergizeMe the company is launching its first eyeglass lenses specially designed for contact lens wearers. ZEISS EnergizeMe eyeglass lenses help refresh the wearer's eyes after they have removed their contact lenses. This refreshing effect, as reported by test wearers, is primarily based on preventing digital eye strain which can arise from the intensive use of digital media.
The new eyeglass lenses from ZEISS for contact wearers reduce digital eye strain, providing the necessary relaxation after wearing contact lenses through the combination of three different components:

  • ZEISS EnergizeMe lens design
  • ZEISS Digital Inside Technology
  • ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect coating



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EnergizeMe, Digital Inside Technology, DuraVision and BlueProtect are registered trademarks or pending trademarks of Carl Zeiss Vision GmbH.

1) ZEISS external wearer trial with 130 contact lens wearers and 14 independent eye care professionals in Spain, 2016. Consumer acceptance test.

2) Global ZEISS survey of 2,400 contact lens wearers and 40 eye care professionals in USA, Germany, China and Italy, 2015.